While social media marketing is the trend today, let’s look at the stats. 67% of end users have created a social media profile in one platform or another. Around a 1/4 of those users either created that profile to see what social media was all about or they created one, didn’t like it and refuse to use social media. So what about the other roughly 50% of users that don’t see your social media campaigns. This is why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is just as important. Our services provide both social and search marketing so all campaigns can work seamlessly together for maximum online visibility.
What search marketing can do for you:

It increases traffic by making your product and services visible in the search engines
Generate leads from those who do not use social media
Google For Business will put you on the map
Works hand in hand with Google analytics to target your ideal demographic
What we do for you:

Google Analytics

Install and prepare Google Analytics
Start out with a report that shows where you are at
Choose target goals
Setup up filters based on those goals
Create progress reports and modify based on those reports
Other Campaigns

We list your site with a number of different directory sites to increase link building
Determine search friendly focused keywords and add to content and social campaigns
Optimize your website pages with search friendly content and tags
Set up analytics reporting in order to evaluate campaign progress
Help with writing search and social media content
Help with moving old links away and reputation management
Training is also available, though if you want training on Analytics it is very time intensive and there is a big learning curve.